Expert Exchanges


This elective on John Maxwell is based on 'Everyone Communicates Few Connect'. Connecting goes beyond words, connectors live what they communicate, connectors inspire people, connecting increases your influence in every situation and more.

Instructor: Catherine Kumar


This elective teaches the basics of administration in church ministries. You will study the methods of organizing and the necessary record keeping and financial management. Learn to develop a long-range strategic plan, staff relations and communications.

Instructor: Rev. Orisi Vuira


This elective offers you the foundational strategy and Biblical encouragement for why you do what you do as Communicators. Learn the latest digital applications, social media trends and how church communications can help people come to know Jesus as their Savior and grow to disciple.

Instructor: Biu Kacimaiwai

Event Planning & Hosting

This elective will help you discover how to plan and coordinate formal meets, milestone events, etc. Study each aspect of event planning and hosting from prioritizing the budget to daily coordination; and make an unforgettable guest experience and deliver outstanding results.

Instructor: Sera Seruvatu

Worship in Music

This is essential learning for anyone who is a musician or worship leader or if you wish to become one. Learn how to function in your different roles and how to work as a worship team. Explore writing and arranging songs across a variety of genres, instruments and styles.

Instructors: Sami & Iva Koliloa

Video Production

Video production is the art of making audio-visual presentations. This elective involves several steps of finding an idea, writing a script, video shooting, editing, creating and adding graphics, and sound editing. It sheds light on this powerful and modern method of getting the Gospel out to the world.

Instructor: Harry Cirimaiwasa

Live Sound

This elective will cover sound engineering concepts like compression, equalization, phase cancellation, microphone selection and audio setup. It teaches how to use microphones, consoles and digital audio workstations to record and enhance your Sunday worship experience.

Instructor: Ben Morrison

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