Fiji today faces many challenges that were not prevalent years ago, whether it be the increasing threats from drugs and human trafficking, to the rising number of sexual abuse cases even within the family unit, to the challenges faced by our young people with rising suicide, teenage pregnancies and truancy rates. With the social issues plaguing our nation, the role of the Church in being able to influence for the better becomes an increasingly important question that needs constant attention. The ability of the Church to be effective and influential is in the building up of our young people to realize their life's purpose, their area of gifting and to be thoroughly equipped in excelling in their gift and their various spheres of influence.

The Excel Youth Conference (XLYC) was birthed from the need to lift the standard of service within the local churches and enhance one’s ability to disciple. The standard we are currently at as youth ministers may be the best we have ever been, others might think otherwise – either case, one cannot deny that there is always room for improvement and enhancing our skills and service to the height that God requires from us. In the process of that, give young people a sense of direction and help realize their purpose because a person who is confident in who they are and what they are purposed for, is a force to reckon with.


The vision of XLYC is "Influencing our Nation by Excelling in the Marketplace."

The objectives are: 

  • To grow personally in the knowledge of God and His will for the Christ-driven life

  • To empower the individual to be effective, relevant and influential in their community, sphere of life and local church

  • To build community with the body of Christ 

What we do

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